Concrete Equipment

At Perth Hire Shop we strive to provide the best possible tools you need for all your jobs. From Start to Finish.


Whether you are building or renovating, demolishing, removing tiles, fixing your concrete or preparing your surface for paving or epoxy we can assist you by providing the right tools for the job. From trolley mounted jackhammers, concrete vibrators, quick cuts, floor and road saws, to concrete trowels machines, single and  3 Phase concrete floor grinders, polishers and dust extractor. You can hire every piece of equipment required for every stage and every type of concrete work. At Perth Hire Shop you can also find Core Drills, H-Class and M-Class Dust Extractors, Cement Mixers, Brick saws and much more for Hire.


Perth Hire Shop provides delivery services all across Perth also on the concrete range. Ready to get to your working site FAST at anytime.

Delivering exceptional customer service, we provide quality plants, tools and equipment to meet the high demand of the building, construction and trade industry.


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Our Range of concrete Equipment for Hire.

Concrete Equipment, Single Phase and 3 Phase Concrete floor grinders and polishers for hire in Perth.
Floor Grinding & Preparation
Concrete Tools
Concrete Cutter for Hire Perth - Concrete wet saw for hire
Concrete Cutting